My ‘Very Heavy Metal Christmas’ Gift to Myself

Here’s the Heavy Metal bonanza I’ve got for myself for xmas.

1. Deep Blue – Parkway Drive – 2010

Current Australian metal core of some sort. The hip kids know what this is, but I don’t have much of an idea.

2. Destroy Erase Improve – Meshuggah – 1995

Influential technical/extreme/math Metal band from Sweden. Very well regarded, but I’ve never heard them before. This is an earlier album.

3. Master of Reality – Black Sabbath – 1971

One of the classic early albums before Ozzy left. I know Children of the Grave from Brutal Legend, but not much else.

4. The Dethalbum II – 2009

Dethklok album from season 2 of Metalocalypse, now in full song incarnation. My understanding is it’s less jokey and more real Metal.

5. In The Absence Of Truth – ISIS – 2006

I put ISIS on a pedestal after a near religious experience with Oceanic. I actually wanted Panopticon, but this is all Landspeed records had (JB was no help).

6. Red Album – Baroness – 2007

I loved the Blue Album from these guys. Extremely listenable album that’s always a joy to return to. I expect something similar from this.

7. Images and Words – Dream Theatre – 1992

An early album from these guys. The classic album , Metropolis II – Scenes from a Memory is a sequel to a specific track from this album. Was a random pick up.

8. In The Nightside Eclipse – Emperor – 1994

Norwegian Black Metal. This is some scary shit right here. I had skirted around the edges of this scene with Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir, but Emperor seem to be regarded as the king of the genre.

9. White Pony – Deftones- 2000

I had $10 left at the end of my shopping spree so I went looking for a cheap album. White Pony fit the bill though I know virtually nothing about the band.


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