Musical Kaleidoscope : Scissor Sisters & Sarah Blasko

My Musical Kaleidoscope!

The idea is:

  1. Friends, family and whoever throw out some album recommendations.
  2. I pick two, give them a spin and blog the result.

The Result: Your music sucks!

Just kidding ūüôā However, let me throw out a few caveats before I get into it

  • I’ll listen to the whole of the album, in order.
  • My goal is about 4 play throughs before blogging
  • I’ll keep an open mind regarding unfamiliar genres (or stuff I previously hated)

And finally, I hope¬†no one¬†gets upset if their favorite CD doesn’t win me over. It seems to me that Music, more than other mediums (movies/books/games) is a much more personal and subjective artform to appreciate.

Ta-Dah : The Scissor Sisters

The first album here may show up my lack of musical knowledge. I’m not particularly acquainted with the Bee-Gees, Elton John or any of the particular influences that may be informing the Scissor Sisters music. However, one review I read called it Disco-Vaudeville which works for me.

The album kicks off with three songs I¬†recognized¬†from the radio (or elsewhere): The mega hit single I Don’t Feel Like Dancing, the confusingly titled¬†She’s My Man and the humorously morbid¬†I Can’t Decide (if you should live or die). All are high-energy, catchy and dance-rific.

As proof, here’s a clip:

By the fourth high-energy, catchy and dance-rific song I felt a bit like the sugar binge was starting to turn sour. Luckily, it hits a couple of slower songs providing some some time to recover from the pizazz. The album structure is as follows…

PIZAZZ! – PIZAZZ! – PIZAZZ! – PIZAZZ! – chill – chill – PIZAZZ! – PIZAZZ! – PIZAZZ! – chill – PIZAZZ!

The music appeals to me a lot. It’s got piano, guitar, male vocals, female vocals, spacey sound effects, weird jazzy talking in the back ground. It’s always interesting, but is packed full of great catchy melodies too. Apart from two songs (Ooh & Paul McCartney) I essentially loved the whole album.

My Arch Nemesis… Sarah Blasko

A couple of years ago, I turned sour on Triple J and much of the music played on the station. I would call it ‘Indie’ music if I could find a satisfactory definition for the genre. (I get frustrated that it’s a term relating to not being on a major lable, yet also represents a certain type of sound). Anyway, Sarah Blasko is listen on Wikipedia as both¬†as Indie Rock and¬†Indie Pop. So in order to¬†summarise¬†my newfound hatred for Triple J, I became quite certain that… Sarah Blasko represents everything that is wrong with modern music.

What The Sea Wants, The Sea Will Have : Sarah Blasko

It’s pretty good.

Four songs in I was ready to eat my hat. Those first few songs are excellent. Opening track For You is electronic, strange and beguiling. I was reminded of Bjork and Radiohead. The influence of that latter band is also evident on the second track The Garden’s End.

The fifth song is the (relatively) hit single Planet New Year. I really struggled with this song. It’s an upbeat single that reminded me of the “Sarah Blasko represents everything that is wrong with modern music”. It jingle jangles along as generic Aussie Alt Rock Pop Song, a world away from the dark and strange initial tracks. On repeated playthroughs it became tolerable and not upbeat as it initially appears.

While the tracks surrounding it didn’t do much for me, I quite like Always On This Line with it’s peculiar melody. Hammer and Queen of Apology are tracks that I appreciate for their strange driving structures and interesting textures, but it’s more appreciation than enjoyment. Now’s a good time to mention that Queen of Apology and Albatross both contain references to the Rime Of The Ancient Mariner. I give Ms Blasko points for effort, though I prefer the Iron Maiden song.

So it appears that in fact Sarah Blasko does not represent everything that is wrong with modern music (…that must be Angus and Julia Stone). The album surprised me by being intriguing and well crafted throughout. It take a bit of patience and is not the radio-friendly faff I originally expected it to be. Having said that, it’s still fairly far removed from my natural musical inclinations (eg. music that kicks your arse) and I won’t be rushing out to by the complete collection of Blasko

Next Time:

I’ll be listening to..

  • The concentrated silliness of¬†Flood by They Might Be Giants
  • Some newer type of folk with¬†I Speak Because I Can by Laura Marling.

Thanks to Bec and Cath for this weeks suggestions. Thanks to Ben for loaning me Blasko.


2 thoughts on “Musical Kaleidoscope : Scissor Sisters & Sarah Blasko

  1. Excellent reviews. We have both and while Sue likes Scissor Sisters more I really liked Sarah Blasko.

    My oddity for your review is Any Other City from Life Without Buildings. I’ll probably have to lend it too you.

    And what put me off Triple J was the increasing prevalence of rap on it. You could pile the Indie on with a shovel and I would spoon into it vigorously.

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