Top 10 Movies for 2009

10. Star Trek

An entertaining film with a great cast, I found this to be instantly forgettable. Some silly plot devices (two instances of people meeting up completely by chance) undermined an otherwise likeable film

9. Knowing

This is not a good film. In fact it’s a very baffling and confused film. It still makes no sense to me. But somehow I kept thinking about it for a good week after I saw it. Plus it’s got some great visuals from director Alex Proyas. It still makes nos sense.

8. Drag Me To Hell

People often criticise me of setting my expectations too high and then being disappointed. I usually don’t agree since most of the big examples (the Star Wars prequels) are actually bad from an objective persepctive.

Objectively this is a pretty good film. Unfortunately, I really wanted it to be Evil Dead 4. It is at times Evil Dead 4 (the fight in the car park), but it doesn’t hit the heights of Evil Dead 2 consistantly. I suppose it has more in common with EC Comics stryle stories and maybe in time I’ll grow to appreciate it more.

7. Avatar

In comparison to Drag Me To Hell, I had a lot of good will for this film that is probably undeserved. The story is very generic and predictable. However I was constantly entertained, it had a really fun villain, some good action scenes and lovely visuals.

6. GI Joe

This is also not a particularly good film, but it is exactly what it wants to be. Watching this film reminded me of being about 12 with Transformers and He-Man toys all over the lounge room floor, making ‘secret bases’ out of the furnitature then staging elaborate battles with my plastic warriors. I left the cinema with a big cheesy grin on my face.

5. Let The Right One In

A nice counterpoint to all the ‘Vampire romance’ stories floating around, here’s a really creepy tale about first love and the undead. I did find it slow at times. This does have some standout scenes, including cat-attack and the final events at the pool.

4. Watchmen

Watchmen the comic is a masterpiece of it’s genre. Watchmen the comic is not. I could dicuss at length exactly what should and shouldn’t have been done differently (it’s not so much the squid that’s missing in ‘that scene’, it’s the horror).

On the upside it has 4 great pieces of acting, some superbly executed scenes and it also exists which is more than many people ever said was possible. So a flawed but admirable film.

3. Up

Still not entirely sure about Up. The Incredibles is still my favourite Pixar film (then Ratatoille). In this, the core tale of the main character is extremnely strong. The talking dogs and strange bird still strike me as odd additions to the story.

2. Inglorious Basterds

I have grown to love Quinten Tarantino. His films always fill me with such excitement. His use of music and the odd way scenes are constructed really resonate with me. This one didn’t really grab me away on first viewing but has grown on me since.

1. District 9

This year has a lot of films that I sorta liked, but had reservations about.

District 9 blew me away.

It’s part pseudo-doco then horro, then fugitive on the run and finally action film. The dynamics between the three core chracters (Welkus, Christopher and his son) had me totally engaged. Their decisions put me on the edge of my seat.

Plus the movie had lightning splatter guns.

Movies I didn’t see which might have changed this list:

Where The Wild Things Are, Antichrist, Moon, Fantastic Mr Fox, Observe And Report, Land Of The Lost, and probably a few others.


One thought on “Top 10 Movies for 2009

  1. Of these I’ve seen Star Trek, Avatar and Watchmen (this weekend in fact). Agree with comments for the first two entirely.

    For Watchmen, I first have to admit to have never read the comic. Despite knowing of it’s audacious ground-breakery for the better part of two decades. I’ll achieve penance for that later.

    Anyhoo, I’ve been obsessively turning over Ozymandias’ total dick move at the end of the film and trying to work out why the worlds smartest man felt he had to repeat the oldest of political crimes and not find a better way. Also, Rorschach is my new favourite anti-hero, though the ‘locked in with me’ line could have been played out much cooler.

    So yeah, awesome film that consumes me now. Must get the comic.

    I’ll also review District 9 in my own particular fashion and say it is unabashedly awesome.

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